New Senator Sherrod Brown bill protects workers from automation

Advancements in automation have made businesses more efficient but it’s also come at the cost of many jobs. Thousands of manufacturing jobs have already been replaced and millions more are at risk. A new bill in Washington aims to give workers more protection as they face uncertainties from automation.

“It’s going to become a bigger and bigger problem,” said Sen. Sherrod Brown (D – Ohio). “We need to start governing through the eyes of workers, not just corporate interest groups.”

Brown sponsored a bill to require employers to give workers 180 days to tell them if their job would be changed by automation. If that worker’s job is replaced by automation, a company would need to tell them 270 days in advance. Employers would also be required to give workers the opportunity to be retrained to use the new automated technology and keep their job.

We need to make sure that automation isn’t displacing them, that we can have advancements in technology and support our workforce.

Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim Burga

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