Manufacturing Apprenticeship

A strong manufacturing sector is essential to our nation’s economic success and to our ability to raise wages and provide family-supporting jobs. But decades of devastating trade policy and attacks on unions have taken their toll. The loss of factories doesn’t only devastate local communities, but drains the engineering and research jobs that power innovation. The United States must invest in critical manufacturing sectors and technologies and invest in people to meet the needs of the economy. We will continue to fight for a revitalized manufacturing sector through polices that are good for working people, our communities and our economy.

Already, the Department of Labor has awarded $175 million in American Apprenticeship Grants, the largest investment the White House has ever made in apprenticeships. The grant will fund 34,000 apprenticeships across the country to support the joint efforts of employers, organized labor, nonprofits, local governments, and educational institutions to expand high-quality apprenticeships.

Jobs for the Future is excited to be one of the grant recipients, receiving $5 million to expand our partnership with the Working for America Institute of the AFL-CIO, Wisconsin Regional Training Partnership, and four other local intermediary organizations to establish and promote the new Industrial Manufacturing Technician hybrid apprenticeship model. The funds will also be used to create 1,450 industrial manufacturing technician apprenticeships across eight states: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Illinois.

Ohio AFL-CIO Field Director Jeanette Mauk is leading the effort to train members for these future jobs. A special thanks to the IAM, USW, UAW, OPEIU, IUE/CWA and being a part of this workforce training program.  For more information, email Jeanette here. (

 “Embracing and developing these training programs will modernize systems and procedures to improve productivity and safety,” said Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim Burga.  “Workers and employers alike have everything to gain from robust and well-run apprenticeship programs. The earn-while-you-learn concept in apprenticeship is very attractive to workers and young people seeking to start a new career.  Apprenticeships are key in advancing our local economies because the skills learned last a lifetime.”

Read more information from the Department of Labor, or see a recent Boston Globe article quoting Senior Vice President Maria Flynn on this work in the state of Massachusetts.