Ohio Communities Speaking Out Against a “Fast Tracked” TPP


All politics is local, and so are the detrimental effects of fast track trade negotiations.

Columbus, OH – Today, the Ohio AFL-CIO released a list of various Ohio mayors, city councils and county commissions that have indicated their opposition to “fast track” trade authority legislation currently before Congress.  “The growing list is evidence that our communities have been hurt by previous such trade deals and our communities know far too well how they can devastate our local economies,” said Ohio AFL-CIO President Burga.  “We need a trade agreement that will lift up workers, and that will never happen so long as the process occurs in the dark,” he said.

“I am writing today in response to community frustration with the proposed creation of Fast Track trade authority,” Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley wrote in a letter Senators Portman and Brown and Rep. Turner.  “The outsourcing of manufacturing jobs has had a drastic effect on the employment rate in Dayton,” she wrote.  “Policies such as the proposed Fast Tract trade authority are of concern to communities like ours as we look to re-shore manufacturing jobs,” Whaley argued.

The Lucas County Board of Commissioners criticized the manner in which proponents were pushing for the agreement to be considered.  A resolution passed by the Board said the process would “keep trade policy-making behind closed doors and would otherwise fail to restructure the misguided and failed trade negotiating policies of the past.”  Similarly, the Trumbull County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution that lamented that “the job losses attributable to trade agreements enacted under Fast Track Rules have impacted states and local communities through smaller tax bases and lost revenue.”

Columbus City Council passed a resolution that affirmed that “trade rules should promote the creation of family-wage jobs, encourage shared prosperity, protect our environment, ensure the safety of food and other products, facilitate the revitalization of U.S. manufacturing, set responsible protections of intellectual property, and maintain local authority to establish reasonable regulations.”

Several actions are still pending.  The current list of Ohio communities speaking out against Fast Track currently include:


Trumbull County Board of Commissioners – Resolution in Opposition

Mahoning County Board of Commissioners – Resolution in Opposition

Mead Township – Resolution in Opposition

Ohio Democratic Party – Resolution in Opposition

Pease Twp. – Resolution in Opposition

Colerain Township, Belmont County – Resolution in Opposition

Belmont County Township Association – Resolution in Opposition

Warren City Council – Resolution in Opposition

Powhatan Point Village Council – Resolution in Opposition

Franklin County Commissioners – Letter to Sens. Portman and Brown in Opposition

Belmont County Commissioners – Resolution in Opposition

Columbus City Council – Resolution in Opposition

Lucas County Commissioners – Resolution in Opposition

Toledo City Council – Resolution in Opposition

Letter from Dayton Mayor Whaley to Sens. Portman, Brown and Rep. Turner in opposition

Letter from Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson to Sens. Portman and Brown in opposition

Letter from Lima Mayor Dave Berger to Sens. Portman and Brown in opposition